About the Festival

The Peachtree City Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is an annual community event sponsored by the Rotary Club of Peachtree City.  The objective is to raise the awareness of our cultural diversity and increase interest in international commerce through the interaction of the community, business, and the arts.

Join us at Drake Field on Saturday September 24th to enjoy all our food, entertainment, kid's activities and more while you cheer for your favorite Dragon Boat Race Team!

Dragon Boat Team Racing

Dragon boat racing is the world’s fastest growing water sport. It combines tradition with modern day teamwork, enthusiasm, and strategy. Looking for leadership and team building activities that focus on unique athletics and diversity? Dragon boating is a great way for corporations, organizations, and youth groups to get involved in a dynamic setting.

Team sponsorships are for organizations who want to have their own team in the race or who want to support a team for another organization such as a church, school, or youth group. Some larger organizations may want to have more than one team competing against each other. The Rotary Club team works with any organizations to train their teams.

Dragon Boat History


The origin of Dragon Boat Racing dates back over 2,000 years to the Chinese legend of Qu Yuan, a 4th-century statesman, poet, and adviser to the king. Qu Yuan was exiled from the ancient state of Chu after his advice to the king was misinterpreted as an attempt to assume greater political power. For his offense, Qu Yuan was banished to a remote area of Hunan Province in southern China.


Today, Dragon Boat Racing is one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world. The World Championships of Dragon Boat Racing have been held annually in Hong Kong since 1976. In 1991, the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) was formed in response to the explosive growth of the sport. Based in Hong Kong, the IDBF boasts over 100 member organizations in more than 40 countries. Since 1995, World Championship events have been awarded to Canada, China, New Zealand, England, Australia and the United States. A Commission was developed to oversee the standardization of equipment, rules, and regulations.

Within a relatively short period of time, backed by a strong sprint canoeing background, North America has emerged as an international Dragon Boat Racing powerhouse, shaking the foundations of a sport that has historically been dominated by Asian countries.

What’s most exciting is the growth of the sport at the grassroots level. Dragon Boat Racing is great fun and accessible to anyone, young or old, of all abilities. Participants at any level of fitness, who can sit unassisted and hold a paddle, can quickly adapt to and develop a passion for this sport. No experience is required. The Rotary Club of Peachtree City provides experienced coaches to ensure your paddling experience is safe and fun.